cajun mothers appreciate the gift of food

Granny came over for supper and I really wanted to cook for her, but there’s only like a dozen things she really likes to eat, and I don’t cook Cajun food. So we just boiled some crawfish, and I made the dessert.

My mother, however, is not fussy, so I made her breakfast.

Ham & Egg Cups

These are fun because they look and taste fancy, but are totally easy to put together. They hold the cup shape once they’re removed from the muffin tin. Click here for the recipe.

Strawberry Cream Cheese Biscuits

These are good for breakfast because they were sweet but not overly so. They’re Bisquick biscuits. If you want to spend all morning fussing with dry ingredients and cutting in shortening (a step I particularly loathe) then knock yourself out, but I for one embrace the good old American ingenuity that gave us Bisquick. Click here for the recipe.

Lemon Crème Brûlée

I’d never made crème brûlée before and was under the inpression that it was a difficult dessert to make. That impression was happily wrong, it’s very easy and can even be made the day before. Click here for the recipe.

You know, I haven’t posted any recipes in a while, which is ironic because since I moved (and have access to an AWESOME kitchen), I’ve been cooking pretty regularly. I’ll have to share more recipes.

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