happy worldwide pinhole photography day!

Today was the 2010 Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day. I went to one of my favorite abandoned spots in downtown Abbeville — this is an old town and there’s more than one or two — with the instant back strapped to my Diana F+ and a fresh pack of Fuji Mini Instax film.

I’ve never been very good at pinhole photography. Unless you bracket and use light meters and blah blah blah professional cakes, you basically have like a one in a million shot at getting the exposure just right. And cropping is always a matter of guesswork with the instant back, because it shoots rectangular photos with a medium format camera, which normally takes a square photo.

So once a year, on WWPPD, I like to combine both of these iffy formats for the sheer anarchistic hell of it, and see what results. This year I got 5 (out of a pack of 10 exposures) photos worth keeping, with 3 pretty good ones. That’s an improvement over last year, when I wound up with 2 “meh” shots and 8 bleached-out ones.

If nothing else, I learned a valuable lesson today: the lens of my Diana REALLY needs to be cleaned.


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