redscale film in the golden half

This was my first experiment with redscale film. That’s where you shoot through the wrong side of the emulsion; essentially the film is put into the canister backwards. I imagine someone did it accidentally the first time, then liked the result. The scans actually don’t do full justice, because the prints are an even more psychadelically bright orangey-gold.

Why there is a Buddhist/Japanese-themed park in the Avery Island, LA (it’s where they make Tabasco sauce!) “Jungle Gardens”, I have no idea. But apparently this Buddha is like 800 years old, which is pretty cool. Also, I must admit that these 2 photos weren’t right next to each other, I cut and pasted them that way (that’s why there’s no thick black line between the 2 like there is in the others.) But that’s the cool thing about the Golden Half, you can mix and match.

This place is so far out in the country that my GPS couldn’t locate it. I had to borrow my mother’s.

I took this the last week I lived in Fremont. The Golden Half gives you 72 photos per roll, so it takes a while to shoot a whole one.

This is the woman who owns the nursery that my mother goes to like, a thousand times a week. Harley is her Boxer. Don’t let his tough guy look fool you; he is a big slobbery sweetheart.

Slightly marred by my finger partially over the lens. I wonder if Ansel Adams occasionally did that too, even after decades of taking photos.

This was out back of the church in Henry. My great-grandfather donated that land to the diocese. I hear the priest they have now is some kind of faith healer, which sounds pretty wack and not particularly Catholic. However, so long as he keeps the collection plate buxxx rolling in, they probably don’t care if he’s handling snakes.

This was the last negative on the roll, which I guess is why it’s kind of messed up. I like it though. And the redscale sort of makes it look like a forest fire.


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  1. onghuiyi
    May 03, 2010 @ 07:58:11

    ❤ your photos!

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