happy zombie jesus day!

I haven’t updated in a while, but nothing terribly exciting happened last week. Actually, I had a particularly bad case of PMS and just didn’t feel like doing much. Not in a hormonal, killing people over burned toast and randomly bursting into tears way. Not even when BOTH bikes at the gym were out of service on TWO cardio days. Actually, Mom freaked out more than I did, and she didn’t even go on those days! No, this was more of a physical, sleeping worse than usual, funky digestive issues, just generally feeling crappy PMS. However, I still dragged my ass to the gym every day, which I am proud of.

Sucks that I probably have variations of this to look forward to every month for several more years, before my ovaries finally wave a tiny white flag and stop pumping out eggs. I am 35, after all. I just hope that menopause goes easy on me. I ALREADY have a hard time sleeping more than two hours at a time, feel hot most of the time, and feel like shotgunning stupid people more often than not. If if gets too much worse they’ll have to put me in a padded cell.

Last week consisted mostly of driving around the countryside at random and looking for shit to photograph. I feel like I’m on creative overload since I moved; I can’t drive five feet in any direction without seeing something that I need to photograph NOWNOWNOW. What sucks is that a lot of that stuff is off the side of highways, and there’s nowhere to pull over! I bet the Germans have a word for the particular feeling of regret that comes from a missed photo op. I should be getting a couple of rolls back next week, and I have two more to send off tomorrow.

Oh, and also I got this 8 GB mp3 player. Truth be told, there was nothing wrong with my old one. But it’s a few years old, and it’s only 1 GB, and I wanted something that could store so much music that I wouldn’t need to swap anything out for like, a year. I got it refurbished from Overstock for $40, which is how much the same brand 4 GB player sells for new. I’m not sure it was ever used, because it looked brand new and came with all the booklets and shit you’d get if you bought it brand new. It also had the little CD you’re supposed to install, but David has the 4 GB player (the GoGear Vibe; mine’s the GoGear Aria), so I had him jigger the settings, and all I have to do is hook it up, make folders (as opposed to playlists, big diff), and drag-and-drop to my heart’s content. Easy peasy lemon squeezy.

Granny was supposed to come over and help us eat the mountains of food we’re having, but there’s some virus going around Eastridge and she doesn’t want to drag it over here. Which is fine with me, because from the way she described it it sounds like Norovirus, and I’ve had that three fucking times already, and if I never get it again that will be soon enough.


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  1. eggplantinspace
    Apr 13, 2010 @ 17:18:03

    Happy Zombie-Jesus Day to you too. Sorry I missed it.

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