In today’s mail I got a check for 2 weeks, attached to a continued claim form for the first 2 weeks of March. In a seperate envelope was another claim form for the last 2 weeks, essentially catching me up and letting me know that the check isn’t a kiss-off; they are continuing my unemployment insurance claim. I’m still pissed as hell that they put me through that, but I have to admit it was favorably resolved a lot faster than I expected. Thanks to everyone who gave advice and encouragement, or just crossed their fingers and wished me luck. YOU GUYS ARE THE BESTEST
I still want to get a job ASAP, but I’m not like OMG I NEED A JOB RIGHT THIS MINUTE. I’m supposed to call a place on Monday to set up an interview, but don’t get overly excited, as it may turn out to be bullshit. It’s an insurance company, and I have a feeling they may have spammed everyone registered on this local job posting site to make cold calls. Umm, no thanks. That’s basically telemarketing. I tried that when I was a teenager, I lasted 2  days. I’d rather sell my own blood. But I have answered a lot of ads on Craigslist, and you know how they never identify the name of the company in them, so it’s possible they are looking for some kind of administrative support. I’m going to make them make the job title/description very clear before I agree to drive all the way to Lafayette. I mean, I’ll be nice about it, but I’m not going to waste my time or gas for a crap job I have no interest in.
So, that happened. Even without that, it’s been a pretty good couple of days. Yesterday I spent the afternoon sort of aimlessly driving around the parish with a couple of cameras on my front seat. I went to Henry and back, stopping a few times right on the highway to shoot out the window (“Pickled quail eggs sold here!”). Don’t let the word “highway” fool you, though. We’re talking rural, rutted, 2-lane roads with cows staring at you from both sides. And of course I only stopped when there was no one behind me. I also went to one of the old cemeteries; it’s on a road named after my great-grandfather, although I don’t know if any of my relatives are buried there. AFAIK, most of us are buried in Bancker and Erath.
I haven’t used my digital camera at all since I moved here. I’ve been using the Diana F+ and the Golden Half pretty exclusively. I sent the first completed roll — some of which I shot on the trip out here — off to Dwayne’s last week, I should be getting it back sometime next week. A few days after that I’ll get another 2 rolls (shot partially at Avery Island Jungle Gardens), and next week I should be ready to send 2 more. I expect I’ll slow down once I get a job and don’t have as much free time.
Today I went to Erath, a town of about 2,200 souls right next to Abbeville. I was wandering around downtown (such as it is) with my cameras when some guy hollered at me to “come ovah heah”. He said I looked lost and I said I just moved to the area but my mother’s family was from here, and long story short, he knows one of my cousins. Well, second cousin once removed. Whatever. He’s a state trooper, a lot of people know him. That’s not rare here, BTW, total strangers striking up a conversation and turning out to know your family.
Next week I’m going to go to Delcambre, which has a pretty large shrimp fleet. Also there’s a little Acadian Museum in Erath I’d like to see, but it wasn’t open today. I also have a couple of those miniature greenhouses to plant, 5 different kinds of peppers. Yesterday I did herbs, and Mom and I are going to try growing tomatoes and strawberries in those upside-down hanging pot things. Container gardening is as dirty as I like to get. Mostly I just hate all the bending and squatting you have to do with in-the-ground gardening.
So, life is pretty good right about now. Tonight I am treating the ‘rents to Hai Nam, which counts as a wild Saturday night in these parts.
Also, this:

Check out what the #1 city is.


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