taking stock

I have completed my first week at the gym. I worked out a minimum of one hour every morning and managed to avoid seriously hurting myself. Here is what I have learned:

  • My abdominals are surprisingly developed, albeit buried under a layer of fat.
  • Bicycling kept my calves and thighs in good shape, but
  • my arms and shoulders are weak as a baby’s.
  • I have a freakishly strong back, unlike every other member of my family.
  • Friday is the most popular weekday to blow off the gym.
  • A breakfast of coffe and toast with jam leaves me shaking and weak; coffee and toast with peanut butter is sufficient protein.
  • Old ladies will hog the recumbent bike like fat cops do bear claws.
  • The thigh adductor is the most obscene-looking exercise machine ever invented, with the exception of this fictional (so far) one:

I feel pretty good. Sore, but a normal sore, not an OH GOD HALP sore. I expect that will gradually reduce while I acclimate to this level of exercise.


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