okay, my forehead veins have finally stopped bursting

I have internalized yesterday’s shit-tacular news and am moving forward. Mind you, I am still furious that the state of California is trying to fuck me out of $$$ I earned by paying into a fund for nearly 20 years. But I have formulated a 2-pronged Evil Plan, and that’s better than just flailing about in impotent fury, hoping that it will work itself out if only I use enough curse words.

Today I withdrew some money from savings and put it onto my debit card, which I didn’t feel great about, but I’m not going to beg my mother for every nickel. She offered to pay for me to join the gym, because she wants to join too, and because she believes in the curative power of exercise. And I accepted that, because the initial cost of joining is about $125, and I don’t want to wait weeks and weeks while California and Louisiana fight over who pays my unemployment moolah. Since living out in the country necessitates driving instead of walking/cycling everywhere, and since I am now fully immersed in a culture whose national past time is food, access to a gym is pretty much mandatory. You’ve heard of the Freshman 15? Well, I’d prefer to avoid the Cajun 100.

I am starting to learn my way around here. I had to mail a roll of film today, and I remembered where the post office was because it’s right past this GINORMOUS sign that says TEENS SAY NO TO SEX, YES TO A FUTURE! It inspires snark nearly every time I drive past it, because you just KNOW that’s the extent of the sex education kids receive here: Read the sign, kids! Okay, moving on to last night’s World History homework.

However, on the way back I was behind a car that had a bumper sticker that read A WOMAN’S PLACE IS IN THE HOME AND THE BOARDROOM AND THE OVAL OFFICE, so there’s hope for some of the population.

ETA: Okay, even if I wasn’t getting dicked over by the state of California, having Mom pay for my gym membership would probably be the best option. I guess they don’t advertise this, but they have family memberships, where if one person pays for two or more people who belong to the same household, it’s only $10 more per person. So instead of each of us paying $39.99 every 30 days, it’s $39.99 for Mom and $10 for me. So we’ll split it 50/50; she can put the whole amount on her card and I’ll just give her $25 cash every month. Suh-weet!

We have to go to an orientation on Saturday that shows us how to use the equipment, so we don’t end up smashing our feet with weights or anything awesome like that, then we’re set. Until I get a job I think I’ll probably work out midmorning, between breakfast and lunch.


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