oh, this is an AWESOME development

I was just starting to wonder what the fuck was taking my unemployment check so long — I mailed the form last Monday. Then in today’s mail I got a notice from the EDD that they’ll be calling me on the 24th to “determine my eligibility”. Basically, I guess they might cut me off for moving to another state. Even though I earned the fucking thing by working in THAT lousy state, and have only received about half of it.

Mom was like “But if they cut you off, what are you supposed to live on? They don’t know you’re living with your parents.” Ha ha, so cute, she thinks the state of California gives a flying fuck if I can keep a roof over my head! All they care about is whether or not they can weasel out of paying me what I earned on some technicality.

This has completely blindsided me. Like I said, I earned the $$$ by working in California, and I really didn’t think moving to another state would make a difference. The fact that I could continue receiving unemployment while I was living here, but be able to save most of it since I don’t have rent to pay, was a huge factor in my final decision to come here. Besides, I’ve known people who were on unemployment who moved to other states with no effect. It’s not like I was just blindly trusting in California to do the right thing by me.

In addition to needing this money to pay for my Netflix, buy a new phone and pay the airtime, develop and print rolls of film, join a gym, buy cases of Diet Coke (which no one in the house but me likes to drink), and a hundred other small things; I know one of the reasons — probably the single biggest reason — why relations with my parents have been so harmonious is that I have been able to mostly support myself. If I have to come to them with a hand out every time I need to fill my gas tank, or buy a new suit for a job interview, or put money on my phone, it’s going to erode both our relationship and my self-esteem. I’m a grown fucking woman in my mid-30s, and California is going to reduce me to the dependency level of a 16-year-old. THANKS FOR THAT, YOU FUCKING CUNTS.

Even if they decide in my favor — and you’ll excuse me if I don’t have an abundance of confidence in that — they won’t even call for a week. Then they’ll take another week or 10 days to reach a decision. Then they’ll probably notify me by mail, which will take another few days. Then I’ll likely have to fill out a new continued claim form and send that in, then wait for the check, which will be ANOTHER week or 10 days. Even with the best possible outcome, I won’t see a check for another month. And they’re far more likely to just send me packing.

The best possible answer to this dilemna is to get a job as soon as possible. So far this week I’ve answered about a dozen Craigslist ads, and not gotten a single call or email in reply.

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