rooster sauce, the tabasco of southeast asia

One of the first things I did when deciding I was going to move down here for reals was Google “Asian grocery stores Lafayette Louisiana”. (I didn’t figure looking within Vermilion Parish was even worth it.) There are 2 on Johnston Street, one of which — S&P Oriental Groceries — I went to today.

Calling it a grocery store is a little grand, it’s about the size of a 7-11. Used as I am to 99 Ranch, which is easily as big as a Safeway, it crushed my soul a little bit. And they didn’t have milk tea, because the predominant Asian group in this area is Southeast Asian, and milk tea is really more of a Taiwan/Hong Kong/Singapore thing. They also didn’t have Calpico (which is Japanese). 😦

But they did have Sriracha sauce, which I bought a bottle of, more out of nostalgia than out of any real need for Thai chili sauce. (Although if I have it, it will definitely get used.) And they also had Pocky! And flying fish eggs! Plus those tiny fruit gelatin cup thingies that can’t be sold under American labels, because kids here are too stupid not to choke to death on them, or something.

Like I said, the other one is on the same street, but it’s several blocks away, so we didn’t have time. I’m going to check it out at some point, though. Google also turned up one in New Iberia.

The main mission of today was to buy workout clothes at Target, so I can join the gym if my stupid unemployment check ever comes. (It takes twice as long, since I am no longer mailing the form from within the state.) I also looked for the automotive GPS I wanted, but Wal Mart told me it had been “recalled”, and Best Buy wanted $30 more for it. And when I checked on Amazon, it had suddenly shot up to $199, from $128.

Umm, okay, fuck this shit. I don’t know what is going on with this brand/model, and I no longer give a crap. I am walking into Wal Mart tomorrow with a fistful of cash, and then walking out with the best TomTom model that I can afford and that they have in stock. There’s no way I’m getting a Garmin, because my parents have one of those, and my mother never. stops. screaming at it.


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