cabin fever

I lived my entire life, from conception to up until last week, in the same town. I could find my way around in my sleep.

Now, I live in the middle of nowhere in a state whose roads are composed entirely of pothole patches, whose attitude to signage can be charitably described as “relaxed”, and which is choked with lush undergrowth and feral wildlife about 10 months out of the year. Not to mention there are basically two seperate downtowns: the actual downtown, which is all one-way streets and circles; and the bypass, which is where they have to put all the chain crap like Wal Mart (and those shitty dollar stores, which are a blight on the landscape, IMO), because the whole downtown is a protected landmark. And I know, oooh, aaah, it’s so picturesque with its graceful antebellum courthouse and old oak trees and no sordid fast food joints to hurt your eyes. But it’s a pain to navigate.

I NEED A GPS. I can’t even think about looking for work until I get one, because there’s no fucking way I’m going to try to get to Lafayette with nothing but written directions. Mapquest couldn’t even get me to the damn library; it had me turning from the bypass onto a street that doesn’t even actually connect with the bypass. I wound up going down one of those scary, scary backroads that just go on for MILES AND MILES. Once you’re on them it’s almost impossible to turn around. There is the occasional intersecting dirt road, but the 55 mph speed limit ensures that you won’t even notice it until you’re already going past it. And there’s always some redneck right on your ass with a pick-up truck, so I’m scared to NOT go the speed limit.

Wal Mart had the one I wanted last week, and David was going to get it for me so I could get his 10% discount. But I guess they sold the only one, and they didn’t get a truck last night. He’s going to look again tonight, but if they don’t have it, then fuck the discount. Mom and I are going to Lafayette tomorrow and I’ll just buy it there. I’m going stir crazy.


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