first week round-up

So it’s been a week — more or less — since I landed in the foreign country of Acadiana. Thus far I have:

  • Moved, which wasn’t that hard (the hard part was packing up in California, then driving 10 million miles to get here).
  • Got my driver’s license, and in what has got to be some kind of personal record.
  • Got my library card. The Vermilion Parish library system is pretty damn rinky-dink; but they have books by Henry Miller, so at least I know censorship isn’t rampant. Unless it’s because they don’t know who Henry Miller is, and they censor Harry Potter books, and that Dan Brown feller what claims Jesus made the beast with two backs with that chick our church is named after.
  • Registered to vote. And I hope that doesn’t mean I immediately get called for jury duty. Although upon exposing my left coast godless gay-friendly pinko worldview, I’d probably get bounced during voir dire. (Which they probably have some other, weird-ass name for here.) Actually, they’d probably take one look at where I wrote in “Green Party” for party affiliation, and toss my name in the trash. Yay!
  • Opened a savings account. Did I mention that I got an email from the branch manager that night? It didn’t just thank me for my business, which I would brush off as boilerplate; but specifically mentioned hoping I would come back to open a checking account once I got a job, which I had mentioned while chatting with her. SMALL TOWNS.
  • Scoped out the gym. Just waiting for my new debit card to join. Oh shit, I need workout clothes, too. I think Mom wants to go to Target next week. You gotta drive to Lafayette for anything other than Wal-Mart, unfortunately.
  • Decided on both the cell phone (Blackberry Curve… whichever model is offered as a contractless phone, I forget which one it is) and GSP navigation system I want. Consumer Reports rated a bunch last September, and of course Phil still had the magazine. He’s got like 40 years of those things stashed, in case someone needs to decide which Betamax to buy. The Magellan Roadmate 1440 was the lowest-priced model that still had all “excellent” or “very good” features ratings. I just gotta wait for my next couple of checks, because I used most of my available $$$ to open my bank account, and I’d like to leave as much of it there as possible.
  • Brushed up my driving skillz. I took a quick trip to Walgreen’s by myself yesterday, and managed not to wind up in a ditch with nutria rats chewing my face off, so I think I’m good to go. Phil and I washed the Pontiac inside and out yesterday, and we made the ol’ switcheroo last night when David got up for work.

I feel pretty good about what I’ve accomplished so far. I guess I can probably start looking for work next week, no reason to wait until week after.


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