crossing off my to-do list

Ohhh, busy day. Mom and I looked at the gym which is 5 minutes from the house. I didn’t join today, because I’m waiting for my new Visa debit card (old one expired at the end of February), but barring some major change of plans, I will join next week; week after at the latest. Mom said she will sign up when I do; she wants to use the elliptical machine, which is good low impact exercise for someone with bad knees.

It’s very nice, it just opened so all the machines are brand new. And they don’t make you sign a contract, it’s $35.99 a month (extremely reasonable, at least compared to California gym fees), so I didn’t feel like we were getting that extremely hard sell. That’s always been one of the things that kept me away from gyms. And it’s 24 hours a day.

Then I picked up tax forms*, visited Granny (who welcomed me “home”), opened a savings account (I’ll open a checking account when I get a job), and priced phones. I think I’m going to get a Crackberry Curve. If he’ll agree to buy it for me, I’m going to take advantage of David’s Wal Mart discount, since I’m going to continue with the contractless service. AT&T can’t rip you off when there’s no contract and no bill.

Still to do: E-file my taxes, contact Chabot College about ordering transcripts, and uh… find a job. I hope to start looking week after next. (I still don’t technically have a car.) I need fancy resumé paper. It’ll be easier to schedule school around work then vice versa, so I’m going to find a job first. Plus I have to look into community colleges and weigh it against going to the technical school. Sometimes trade schools have better post-graduation placement programs; whereas community colleges are sometimes just like “Here’s your degree, now go find a job”.

*They keep them at the library here instead of the post office. Louisiana just HAS to be a little different from the rest of the country. Like, the DMV is actually the OMV, the Office of Motor Vehicles.

And now I have John Travolta’s “Royale with Cheese” speech from Pulp Fiction stuck in my head. “In Louisiana, you can get a daquiri in a drive-thru.”


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