non-stop rainy weekend = crafting accomplishment

This was supposed to have a little bird on top of his head, but I didn’t feel like making it. I might eventually add it.

This is something I bought in Louisiana with the Hobby Lobby gift card my parents gave me. The pattern is stamped with water-soluble ink, so after you finish stitching and wash it, it rinses out. I’ve been working on it on and off for a couple of weeks. And yes, I wear a fucking apron when I cook. Cooking is serious business.

I made a few minor color changes: The cups were supposed to be all blue, but I made the middle one green; the sprinkles on the middle cupcake were supposed to be blue, which didn’t make any sense to me, so I changed them to brown; the curl on the right cupcake and the frosting outline on the left cupcake were supposed to be done in red, but I used light brown instead.

This is a quick little project from my new softies book. It’s filled with weighted plastic bead fill, it could be a paperweight or a pincushion. It’s basically just something you make because adding all the embellishments are fun. Some of them were the book’s suggestions, some I just made up.

This photo is all kinds of overexposed (it’s time for a new digital camera, to be honest), but the embellishment on the left arm is a pink heart on an ivory square. It just got all washed out to the same color.

This is the other side.

In other project news, I got my Golden Half rolls back from Dwayne’s on Saturday, and the slide roll that I shot and had cross processed has a lot of great stuff on it. Got to get it all sorted and uploaded on flickr ASAP. They split them into separate images, which I really, really wish they had not done, but oh well. Maybe I can stick them back together in the editing process.


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