sketch, party of one

I didn’t take many digital photos on this trip to Louisiana, I mostly used my Diana F+ and the Golden Half I got for Christmas (yay!). The 120 is of course going to take a while, as it needs to be sent through the mail — although I must give Dwayne’s Photos a shout-out for significantly lowering their turnaround time the last few times I’ve used them. Event the rolls I sent in right before Christmas were back in less than 2 weeks.

I thought I could at least get the 2 rolls I shot in the Golden Half developed this week, since it shoots 35mm. But one of the rolls is slide that I want developed with the regular color negative process. It’s called cross-processing and results in really funky colors. Picnik, flickr’s photo editing program, even has a button so you can make fake cross-processed photos. I’ve had it done to medium format film, but never 35mm.

Anyway, the guy at CVS was all sketchy about it when I took it in yesterday. At first he claimed it couldn’t be done, like, ever. Yeah, I don’t want to challenge the expertise that’s the result of 4 months behind the photo counter at my local drug store, but you’re wrong. There wouldn’t be a fucking name for the process if it couldn’t be done.

So then he tried to say that he couldn’t do it on their machine, then that the negatives wouldn’t print, then he blurted out that their machine was broken anyway. WTF, geezer? That should have been the FIRST thing you said, before I wasted 10 minutes of my life arguing with you.

So fuck it, I’ll just let Dwayne deal with those rolls as well.

This is an old theater sign in New Iberia that was just begging to be Holga-ized. I also shot it with my Diana.

This is inside St. Martin de Tours in St. Martinville, a very old town that’s considered to be the birthplace of Cajun culture in Louisiana.

This is the Evangeline Oak in St. Martinville. It’s kind of a big deal if you’re Cajun. Or a Longfellow fan.


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