leaving las vegas — i mean, california

So, I had a pretty good visit with the family in Louisiana over the holidays. So good that… I’m likely going to be moving down there soon. Like, in a couple of months soon. I don’t see any compelling reason to stay in California, which to be honest has lost a lot of its charm for me over the past few years. I’m the only person left in my family who still lives in the Bay Area, I’m sick of only seeing my parents once a year, and the job market here sucks. I’m probably going to want to move closer to my parents soon anyway, and it seems like perfect timing to do it now, while absolutely nothing is keeping me here.

I’m also considering some type of school or training, because Lafayette is becoming a huge regional medical center and they’re building hospitals as fast as they can. I don’t have the constitution to be a nurse or anything, but hospitals always need paper pushers, and some kind of degree in something like medical billing could really take me far down there. If I’m going to make this big change, why not totally overhaul my life? I’m 35, it’s a good age for a big change. Also, the upcoming lunar new year is a Tiger Year. I’m taking that as a sign.

Okay yeah, politics and crazy racist people and blah blah blah. What-the-fuck-ever. As I’ve pointed out before, California is not the free love hippie utopia that only people who’ve never lived here like to pretend it is. I’m trading a Republican governor that threatens his political opponents with huge knives for a Republican governor that performs DIY exorcisms on his college buddies. Meet the new boss, same as the old boss.

As if to seal the deal, California welcomed me back with a 4.1 earthquake this morning. I’m outta here, asshole!


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