dear state of lousiana: please try to hold the blatant racism for the next 2 weeks, thanks

I’m leaving at the disgustingly early hour of 6:15 am Monday morning for Louisiana. My mother ALWAYS books me on these asscrack-of-dawn flights when I let her pick the times. I’ve bought all my Christmas presents and had them shipped to the ‘rents, I stocked up on frozen food so there will be stuff to eat when I get home, I even changed my Netflix address so I’ll get it there. (Currently I am working my way through A History of Britain and the 2nd season of Rome.)

The only things I have left to do are print out my boarding pass and call for a cab to the airport, which I can’t do until Sunday; and get my travel snax. After years of painstaking trial and error, I have found the perfect combo to be:

  1. Teriyaki beef jerky.
  2. Salted roast cashews.
  3. Any Asian snack with chocolate, like Choco Pies or Choco Rolls. (Pocky will not suffice in this instance, not having enough bulk.)
  4. Peach gummi candy, either the sugary Trolli kind or the more organic Japanese kind made with real peach juice.
  5. A couple of tangerines.

Naturally this is way more food than I will likely need, especially since Continental actually serves edible meals on the long flight from San Jose to Houston. But it’s better to have it and not need it than vice versa; especially if a 90-minute layover in Houston gets delayed several times and stretches into half a day, which can, does, and has happened.

p.s. I also need to recharge the battery on my portable DVD player, mustn’t forget that.


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