shorter* alan kaufman: “the kindle will lead directly to genocide”

You know who else liked to make crazy nonsensical comparisons between irredeemable evil and neutral technology? HITLER!

We should all go live in caves and wipe our butts with pine cones, because technology can be misused.

I’m sorry, but this is some Art Bell-grade craziness. How the hell do you even connect those 2 dots (the Kindle and the Holocaust)? Not to mention that without technology, Alan Kaufman would probably have died of whooping cough or the mumps as a child. …so yeah, it does have its downfalls. BA DUM DUM.

Seriously though Alan, wipe the rabid foam from your chin and download something soothing. Like maybe your own book (Did I say “soothing”? I meant “boring drivel”.), which is available on the Kindle.

Via Daze, who concludes “Mike Godwin shit his pants somewhere and had no idea why.”

*”Shorter” format stolen from Sadly, No!


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