everybody loves men of a certain age*

*Obvious joke is obvious.

TNT has been waging an ad campaign for this show for months so pervasive that it borders on mind control. I decided to watch it, because I was there anyway, having just watched The Closer.** Although I didn’t know if there was anything in it for me, being neither a man, nor so hung up on this idea of life goals that have to be met by a certain age that the concept of “midlife crisis” is foreign to me. (A more succinct and brutally honest way of putting this would be that I am lazy and unambitious.) And my reactions upon hearing the cast were pretty much:

Andre Brauer: Yay!
Scott Bakula: Huh.
Ray Romano: Ugh.

I only ever saw one or two episodes of Everybody Loves Raymond, but it seemed to me like an exercise in cramming every single stereotype of the American family sitcom since its inception into 22 minutes. And I especially loathe the concept of the constantly bickering older couple, I just want to scream GET A DIVORCE. (It’s also why I always hated The Lockhorns.)

The pilot was pretty low key and a little darker than I’d expected. Which is a plus in my book. People who have seen the next few episodes report that it gets lighter in tone, which kind of disappoints me. I am not interested in watching the Ray Belone Develops a Gambling Problem, Separates From His Wife, and Goes Hiking With His College Buddies show. Critics who have seen the first half dozen episodes like it; but then again critics probably liked Everybody Loves Raymond. It was on the air for like 9,000 seasons, someone must have.

However, the preview for the next episode did make me snort: Bakula’s character is canoodling with a girl half his age, leading Romano’s character to deadpan, “Now you’re gonna have to see all the Twilight movies”.

Quick capsule verdict: Good enough to make me check out the next episode, but I’m not married to it and if it starts to suck, I’m out.

**I’m not sure what was more adorable: The new kitty, or the fact that Fritz named him “Joel”. Who names a cat “Joel”??


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