felties & zombies

This is the last batch, the Mummy Cat was the last one I made because I couldn’t make it until I bought a roll of gauze.

  • Hoodie Wolf: Complete with picnic basket! I don’t know if he ate Red Riding Hood, but he definitely mugged her.
  • Mummy Cat: This one was kind of a bitch to make, but I’m really pleased with the results. There was a whole display of mummified animals — including a crocodile! — at the King Tut exhibit.

No more felties or softies for a while, I have to concentrate on Christmas presents. But after the holidays I might get one of those books that actually teaches you how to make your own wool felt. Felties made from those have a really charming look; plus felting might be a useful skill to have when the inevitable zombie apocalypse comes. (Excuse me, I just read World War Z for like the kajillionth time. I wonder if the movie’s ever gonna get made.)


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