felties & tofurky

I almost finished the entire set of felties over the weekend. I just have one I couldn’t make because I ran out of white felt and need to buy some gauze bandaging. It’s a mummy cat!

  • Sun-Loving Rat: I used seed beads for the chips on his ice cream cone.
  • Polar-Roo: The little cub can be taken out of the mommy’s pouch. Stuffing that tiny thing was practically impossible. The directions said to use a red pencil for the inside of the ears and the cheeks, but I used pink french knots for the insides of the ears and tiny circles of pale pink felt for the cheeks. And I used black threads for the claws instead of the specified pencil marks. I thought it would look too dingy on the white felt.
  • Pensive Rabbit: It sort of looks like he has no arms, but I think they’re meant to be behind his back. I like his tripped out looking eyes and his tilted head.
  • Sleepy Fox: This was one of the smallest projects in the book and a bitch to stuff. The design used brown felt, but I thought red would be cuter.

I didn’t do much over the long weekend. Funny, but you still look forward to long weekends even when you don’t have a job. I usually go see a movie on Thanksgiving, and I had planned to see The Road (and be thankful that I don’t live inside Cormac McCarthy’s head, which seems like a deeply disturbing place).

But I just wasn’t feeling it, so instead I slept late, opened a bottle of wine, and put the tofurky in the oven around 2:00. Did I mention I was going to make one? I’ve always been curious, and since it’s just me I decided what the hell. If it sucks, I’ll just chuck it and make that BBQ chicken pizza I have in the freezer.

It did NOT suck, it was quite delicious. It came stuffed with wild rice stuffing and a container of mushroom gravy, and I threw some carrots and onions in the pan, which were nicely caramelized by the time the tofurky was done. I had a side of 4-cheese scalloped potatoes, which kind of ruined the vegan aspect. Oh well, I’m just not a fanatic.

Friday I celebrated “Buy Nothing Day”. I’m making most of my Christmas gifts again this year, but even on years when I don’t do that I make a point of not going out — at least not to any malls or retail establishments — on Black Friday.

It kind of amazes me how most people don’t think of their lives in monetary terms. Like okay, I could get a shop vac for $29.99! But to get it I’d have to do battle with crowds of deal-crazed shoppers and possibly get trampled. My emotional well-being is worth more than the money I’d save.

Of course, I have no doubt that some people actually enjoy the adrenaline rush. Anyway, I hope all my friends that own retail establishments made some scratch.


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