felties: little lion, panda, babushka, & mushroom girl

I’ve moved from softies to felties. There isn’t a huge difference between the two: felties are usually smaller and have less stuffing. I’ve put a quarter in the shot for scale. I made all 4 of these yesterday; items this small only take about 30-40 minutes, an hour tops, to make. The hardest part is really cutting those tiny pieces of felt.

Clockwise from upper left: Little Lion, Panda, Babushka, Mushroom Girl.

  • Lion: This one was really hard to stuff because the body is so tiny. I wound up using a pencil because even my little finger was too big.
  • Panda: His eyes are kind of disturbingly blank, I think I’ll add black seed beads for pupils. For all projects with pink cheeks, the directions specified using a red pencil. But I didn’t feel like making a trip to the craft store to buy one, so I just cut out teeeeeny circles of pink felt and glued them on. I think it works.
  • Babushka: I think this is actually supposed to be a matryoshka, a Russian nesting doll. “Babushka” is actually just the name for the headscarf. I think I’ll take this one to the copy shop and have them make me 125% and 75% scale copies, so there’s a proper set. I’ll vary the decoration on each a little.
  • Mushroom Girl: The design called for red felt with white polka dots for the mushroom cap, but I knew I’d never find polka-dotted felt. So I approximated it with red felt and little clusters of white seed beads.

Making these is crazy addictive. There are 18 designs in the book and I wouldn’t be surprised if I make them all over the long weekend. Damn, I wish I could sell these!


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