california academy of sciences

I finally finished uploading and editing my photos.

The Osher Rainforest exhibit is something that was new to me. It’s a 5-level enclosed dome inside the building. The walkway spirals around like the Guggenheim and as you ascend, it takes you through different rainforest environments. Most of the animals are in enclosed cases and rooms, but there are butterflies and birds flying around free, and lots of trees and plants.

As you leave the Osher Rainforest, it takes you underneath the water part of the exhibit, which is one of the entrances to the Steinhart Aquarium.

I took one with the flash; but somehow I like this one better, even with the blurriness. Photos don’t always have to be in total, crisp focus.

There’s something very Victorian-era Naturalist about the collection cabinets, so I thought it was a good subject for a fake lomo.

The Living Roof is also an exhibit that wasn’t part of the old museum. They vent hot air from inside through the domes on the roof, and there are solar cells. The whole building is very revolutionary in regards to energy, it won all kinds of awards when it opened last year. It’s lit predominantly with natural light and uses very little water for its size.

That’s Sutro Tower in the background.

I took a lot of photos, you can see the whole set if you want.


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