penguin softie & medical bills

Wow, that’s really not in focus. I could tell ’til I’d uploaded it. Oh well, you get the idea. The pattern specified fuchsia and white, but fuchsia just doesn’t seem like a very penguin-y color. Yet, light purple does. I don’t know why. I used purple quartz beads from an old busted bracelet for the eyes. I knew I was keeping those for a reason.

Okay, so I know I said I wasn’t going to make any softies this weekend and work on my grandmother’s Christmas present instead. And I did, I worked on it Friday evening and nearly all day Saturday. Then I started to hate it, so I took a break and made this little guy.

In other news, I got the bill from Washington Hospital for my bronchitis-inspired trip to the ER last month, right before I got axed at work. Insurance is paying for everything except $100. Which is a huge relief, because the way my life is going lately, I totally expected them to decide they weren’t going to pay for any of it. My PPO has a committee that decides whether and how much they’re going to pay for ER services. Theoretically they could have decided it wasn’t an emergency and billed me the entire amount. I can see some bunch of suits sitting around and going “Well, she was basically drowning every time she lay down, and had been delirious with 102 degree fever for 5 days, but that’s not an emergency! She should have just had some chicken soup!!”

So while that’s good news, I can’t help but wonder what the fuck the other $1268.73 was for. Here’s what happened: The triage nurse took my temperature and blood pressure and asked some questions. Then I was admitted to the ER and the ER nurse gave me some Tylenol and asked some more questions. The ER doctor listened to my chest, had me walk around the room, looked in my ears and eyes, asked some more questions, and wrote me some prescriptions. Which I paid $10 each for, by the way — and they were generics! I probably could have gotten them cheaper if I DIDN’T have insurance.

That was it. No X-rays, CAT scans, or MRIs. Dr. House and his team of highly-qualified assistants did not show up and put me through a battery of weird tests and exotic drugs. $1368.73, please. Fucking ridiculous.

But it has inspired me to continue my insurance through COBRA. It’s only about $28 per month, and god forbid I relapse or get sick again. I’d have to pay the whole thing.


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