orange bird softie

Eee, I like this one a lot because it’s 3-dimensional. Instead of being just a front and a back sewn together, this one has 2 sides, a front, and a bottom. I stuffed a layer of weighted plastic pellets on the bottom, so it will stand up nicely. It’s hard to make out her white hat against the white wall (some photographer I am), but it’s very jaunty.

This weekend I have to force myself to take a break from these addictive little critters and get more work on Christmas presents done. Most everyone is going to be getting handmade gifts, it’s going to be a lean few months until I can find work (or start mooching off my parents).

ETA: Because several people have asked: No, I am not going to be selling these on Etsy or anywhere else. I did not design the patterns used to make these and it wouldn’t be ethical to sell them for profit, much as I’d like to since I know there’s a market (and could use the $$$). Strictly speaking I think it’s also illegal, copyright violation or something.


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