softies & science

I’m really pleased with this one. I used the pattern to cut out and assemble the pieces, but the colors and embellishments were my own ideas. I made the hangers out of 20-gauge wire. A lot of the pieces are glued on with fabric glue: the collars, and the petticoat and scalloped bottom, and and the belts on the orange and royal blue dresses. And the bottoms are glued together and only stitched up the side, because real dresses wouldn’t have stitching showing along the bottom.

These are both small — would fit in the palm of your hand — and were each one evening’s work. I especially like the little dog.

In other news, I guess I’m going to Louisiana for the holidays. I was kind of dithering over whether I should, but Mom started nagging me and I got the feeling she really wants me to come. No one is saying anything out loud, but Granny has been in the hospital twice since her 90th birthday. Neither time was serious, except everything is kind of serious when you’re 90. Plus, I really do want to go. I spent one holiday alone in California since they moved down there, and it was pretty depressing.

So I don’t think I’m really going to look for work until after the holidays, because I don’t know how it would look to end an interview with “I’m ready to start right away!… except for the 2 weeks I’ll need to have off because my plane tickets are non-refundable.” Maybe during the holidays I can snoop around and get a better idea of the job market down there, in case it comes to that.

Yesterday I decided on more or less of a whim to go to the California Academy of Sciences, since it’s right across from the deYoung Museum and I knew just how to get there. I couldn’t have picked a better day, because apparently every 3rd Wednesday is free admission. Adult admission is $27.50, so that’s nothing to sneeze at.

In a way it really took me back; but in another way it was like I’d never been there before because it’s changed so much since I was a kid. The only thing that was exactly the same was the Foucault’s Pendulum. I used to watch that thing with rapt attention, and when it finally knocked over a pair of steel pegs it was like I’d won the lottery. Ah, to be an easily-excited child again.

I’ll have photos whenever I get around to uploading them.


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