ent & chick softies

I did most of the tree (the pattern calls it “Treeling”, but probably only because calling it “Treebeard” would be a copyright violation) on Friday and only didn’t finish it because of the polyester batting/fiberfill debacle. I went to Michael’s yesterday and remedied that, and all I had to do was stuff the two pieces and sew them together.

I’m really pleased with how this one came out, it looks just like the picture on the instructions, except my colors are a little different. I used brighter colors for the leaves, and they used turquoise felt for the treetop. Also part of it specified machine stitching, and mine was all done by hand. I think it looks pretty damn even and neat for hand stitched, I’m proud of the work.

The chick was easy, I banged it out while I was watching television. The hat is removable and using seed beads to hold the flower onto it was my own idea. Also the pattern said to use pale yellow for the body and dark yellow for the beak and feet, but I liked the idea of having more of a contrast so I used orange for the beak and feet.

I’ve already cut most of the pieces for my next project and I hope to finish it tonight. But it’s 3 separate pieces, so it may take another day.

I also found the perfect Christmas present for Mom when I was buying the fiberfill, which I will not mention here because I think she sometimes reads it.  I’m on to you, Mom! I also have Granny’s present picked out (and I made a decent start over the weekend, since I couldn’t work on my softies). And I think for Phil I’m going to get an 8×10 of the photo I took of him walking Jamie down the aisle at her wedding last year and put it in a nice frame. I always like to make as many of my Christmas presents as possible.


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