born in california, moved to arizona, KING TUT

So Tuesday I went to the deYoung’s King Tut exhibition. I decided the most straightforward way to get there was BART to Glen Park station, then the #44 MUNI. Which requires a little backtracking, but the #44 drops you literally at the museum’s front door, and Glen Park is the only BART station that the #44 stops right at. Any route that doesn’t involve me trekking through the panhandle and fending off fake Rastafarians trying to sell me weed that’s probably really last week’s lawn clippings is alright by me. Plus I got to ride the bus through Sunset and part of Twin Peaks, and it’s actually quite a beautiful drive.

I was kind of disappointed that none of his sarcophagi were on display, but I guess that stuff never leaves Egypt. I know his mummy has never even left the Valley of the Kings. But there was a lot of stuff from his tomb that was really cool to see. Some of it really looked thousands of years old, all worn and chipped. But some of it looked eerily bright and new, as is it was just made, especially the jewelry.

They also had huge blow-ups of the photos Howard Carter took before anything was moved or touched, and it was cool to look at the grainy black & white, then realize that you were seeing the actual objects in the flesh (so to speak).

They don’t let you take any photos, of course. The display dumps you out into the gift shop, they want you to have to buy postcards of what you just saw.

Here are some photos I took in Golden Gate Park afterwards. The deYoung is right across the park from the Academy of Sciences; maybe I’ll go there next week.

fountain and stairs

benches and trees lomo

sutro tower


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