but you will never see me in a trucker hat

mos-bacon-barI did it. I finally gave in and tried a bacon chocolate bar. I was wandering around World Market the other day and saw that they have Vosges chocolate bars for $5.99 — they retail for $7.99 at every other place I’ve found them, online and in meatspace.

Now, I’ve been eating salt with chocolate for years, so bacon and chocolate is not such a bizarre combo for me at first blush as it might be for other people. A few sprinkles of sea salt with a bite of slightly bitter deep dark chocolate is a heavenly taste. The salt really brings out the sweet and makes the texture of the chocolate seem more velvety.

Sweet and salty together is actually pretty mainstream. Look at peanut brittle, it’s been around for decades and wouldn’t shock the staidest of midwestern grandmothers at this point. And a lot of the folks back in Louisiana love salt on their watermelon.

The addition of bacon makes this bar a trifecta of flavors: sweet (deep milk chocolate), salty (alderwood smoked salt), and smoky (applewood smoked bacon). The presence of bacon is actually a lot stronger than I thought it would be, in the form of slightly chewy pieces about the size of bacon bits generously scattered throughout the bar. There is definitely bacon (and salt) in every bite.

Verdict: I loved it. But a lot of bloggers reviewed it when Vosges first released it, and many of them thought it was the vilest thing they’d ever eaten; so don’t go by me, try it for yourself!

And lest you accuse me of selling out, may I say in my defense that bacon as a hipster trend was sooo 2008. They’ve all moved on. To what, I have no idea. Macaroni & cheese? Tuna-noodle casserole?


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