“to serve man”: it’s a cookbook!

Anyone check out ABC’s reboot of V? I wouldn’t call it a remake, because it looks like they just took the basic premise and ran with it. The main protagonist appears to be an FBI agent played by Elizabeth Mitchell. (It’s her son that joins the Hitler Youth Friends of the Visitors, although they are called “Ambassadors for Peace” or some such in this version. I bet he doesn’t get eaten in this version, though.) And the reporter that becomes their mouthpiece is a man and the leader of the visitors a female, so they are definitely switching the gender roles around a bit.

I know a lot of my fellow Gen Xrs have been whining about the sacred cows of their childhood and whatnot ever since the remake was announced, but SciFi played a marathon of both the original miniseries and V: The Final Battle last Sunday, and honestly… it’s not as good as you probably remember it. It’s not just that effects (not to mention the Visitor costumes!) look cheesy as hell. It’s more than 25 years old, I can overlook that. Plus, television shows didn’t get nearly the budgets that they get now. Even adjusting for inflation, ABC probably spent more on the pilot than NBC spent on the entire miniseries.

But there’s a reason why almost all of the actors went on to do fuck-all with their careers: Most of them weren’t that good. Plus, the remake has already addressed something that drove me crazy about the original series: The odds of aliens evolving to look exactly like humans (and very attractive humans at that) are roughly diddly-squat : a 1 with 27 zeros following it.

But if Morena Baccarin doesn’t eat a guinea pig by the third episode, I am out. (Alan Tudyk is also in it, so yay for Firefly vets getting work.)

visitor-logoFun fact: The original premise of V had nothing to do with aliens. It was supposed to be about the rise of a fascist government in America. But when they were developing it, The Empire Strikes Back had just come out, so NBC was like “Dude, make it about aliens”. That’s why there are so many heavy-handed WWII references in the original, down the Visitor insignia’s resemblance to a swastika and one of the secondary characters being a Holocaust survivor.


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