so where was i last week?

Oh, nowhere special. Just HALF DEAD WITH ACUTE BRONCHITIS.

I started to feel like something was wrong around noon on Monday. I had this weird hot feeling in my chest, like you get when you really exert yourself. Except I was just sitting at my desk.

Then Tuesday I woke up aching all over, with a low grade fever and a really painful cough. I thought it was the flu — not H1N1 OMG DEATH FLU, just regular flu — so I figured bed rest and liquids and I’ll be fine. And I did start to feel better in the late afternoon. But then in the evening my temperature started to go up again.

I should have known it wasn’t flu, because I never got a sore throat. I’ve had bronchitis before and the fact that my first symptom was a pain in my chest should have been a huge red flag.

Anyway, long story short, by Thursday night it finally sunk in that this was something that was going to need antibiotics, so Friday morning I dragged myself into the ER with a fever of 102.4 and left with prescriptions for azithromycin, hydrocodone, and cough syrup with codeine.

I still feel pretty lousy, but this morning my temperature was normal for the first time in a week, so the antibiotics are definitely doing their thing. A full course of azithromycin is only half a dozen pills, so they must be pretty intense. They’re the size of horse tranquilizers, too.

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