organization of wife beaters & dog torturers will have nothing to do with this racist greaseball!

I don’t usually waste precious blogspace on ugly, fat, sweaty drug addict and possible sex tourist Rush Limbaugh. But this was too hilarious to let pass without comment: He tried to buy the St. Louis Rams, and the NFL was like “No, thanks”. And now the right wing blogosphere is crying about how it’s worse than the Holocaust.

The line they’re going with is that “it’s politics”. Well, yes. His politics are disgustingly racist, there are more than a few black pro football players, the end.

I’ve said it before, but again: If you’re liberal, and you say something that conservatives don’t like, it’s treason and you should immediately be deported to Iran. But if conservatives say something liberals don’t like and they mildly chastise them for it, or decide not to sell them a football team, or elect not to crown them Miss Universe, you’re Worse Than Hitler.

Free speech does not mean that you get to spew hatred of every minority in existence (and women, who are actually 51% of the population) during your every waking moment, and be magically free from criticism. Someone can still refuse to do business with you, or sell you privately-owned property, or give you the time of day. You can even be fired from your radio job (see: Imus, Don) if your spewing causes sponsors to pull out and listeners to stop listening, because your only real job is to make money for your station.

I thought conservatives were capitalists? Why does this have constantly to be explained to them??


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  1. Julie
    Oct 16, 2009 @ 03:15:06

    I wish I had written this. Amen.

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