as might be expected of a make-believe science, “manthropology” does not rely on sissy facts

Dr. Temperance Brennan does not approve of your poor grasp of anthropolgy.

Dr. Temperance Brennan does not approve of your poor grasp of anthropolgy.

First it was evolutionary psychology, with its claims that women are genetically programmed to love pink and subversience to jerks. Since that’s been punched full of holes, the next wave of Science For Douchebags looks to be “Manthropology”.

So does it scientifically prove beyond a doubt that women are inferior, thus soothing the tiny, permanently bruised egos of Nice Guys™ everywhere? Sadly, no. In fact, I’m pretty sure Peter McAllister got his anthropology degree by sending $100 to an address he found scrawled on a truck stop urinal.

Our ancestors were apparently also better at beatdowns. Neanderthal women, says McAllister, had 10% more muscle mass than modern European men, and a Neanderthal woman could have beaten Arnold Schwarzenegger at arm wrestling (though her shorter forearm length sort of sounds like cheating).

My sole education in anthrolopolgy is from reading The Golden Bough while high, but even I can spot the glaring error here: Neanderthal is not modern Homo Sapiens’ ancestor. In other words, we did not evolve from them. They were a parallel branch that withered away because evolution selected brains (that would be us) over brawn.

Manthropology claims it’s (sort of) a joke; but as with jokes like “What’s the smartest thing to ever come out of a woman’s mouth? Einstein’s dick!”, there is a not very concealed bedrock of ugly misogyny holding it up.


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