i threw it on the ground

I rarely watch full episodes of SNL anymore. I don’t see the point of wading through 90 minutes of mediocrity looking for those one or two gems, when all you have to do is wait a couple of days and see which skits appear on everyone’s Facebook feed or on blogs like Best Week Ever.

It looks like the high point of last weekend’s episode was another song from the always reliable Lonely Island, “I Threw it on the Ground”. I think this may be even funnier than “Jizz in My Pants”. Like that one, part of what makes this one so funny is that if you don’t listen to the lyrics, it seems like a perfectly legitimate, listenable song.

It had me at “Happy Birthday to the ground!” Lesson learned: Don’t throw Ryan Reynolds’ dinner on the ground, because he might have a taser.

ryan reynolds taser

(Also, Elijah Wood’s expression of sadistic glee had me in tears. Those freaky eyes of his turn every emotion up to 11. God, can you imagine if he and Zooey Deschanel had a kid?)


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