outfit of the day: cloisonné

ootd cloisonne

I haven’t been taking photos of my outfits lately because I haven’t bought anything new, although I try to wear what I already have in different combinations. The only thing new here is the rosary, it’s one I bought last month in Louisiana. (Was that only last month? It seems like forever ago.)

cloisonne rosaryThe shirt under the dress I’ve had for a couple of years. This dress looks better over a shirt, it doesn’t look quite so big. I need to get more shirts like this to wear under my dresses, it’s going to be cold before you know it. Today is about 10 degrees cooler than yesterday, which was about 20 degrees cooler than Sunday. And of course, I woke up with a sore throat. I’ll need to get my winter coat drycleaned as well.

I’m still looking for a brown dress, and yesterday I came across this. Which I LOVE, but I’m going to wait for it to go on sale. I’m not going to spend $50 on a dress I can only wear when it’s cold. (It’s wool.)

Yesterday I ordered 3 pairs of tights from We Love Colors, which was recommended by The Pretty Pear. I got lavender, gray, and rust; but I have a list of like a dozen more colors that I want. I’m going to try not to buy more than 3 pairs at a time, though.

I also bought these knee highs from Sock Dreams yesterday, in burgundy. Fall colors, yay!

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  1. Prayer Bracelet
    Sep 07, 2010 @ 14:17:17

    Love your rosary necklace, I love it when I see people wearing them. I’m happy its such a hype.

    Maybe the Orthodox version the prayer rope will be heading in the same direction soon

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