bento #96: mini turkey meatloaf

bento 96

Part of my back-to-normalcy: bento! I haven’t made one for the past few weeks. This was originally going to be dinner; but then I unpacked my sandwich griller, which I haven’t used in a while, and decided I’d rather have a grilled sandwich and soup for dinner. (Roast beef with white cheddar spread and black olive slices, and tomato bisque, to be exact.) So I decided to make individual mini meatloaves, instead of one big one.

  • Turkey meatloaf. It’s the Williams-Sonoma recipe. It uses tomato paste and rosemary and is very yummy.
  • Mashed parsnips. Usually I mash them with potatoes and carrots, but decided to mash them solo this time.
  • Sugar snap peas.
  • Cherry tomatoes. The silicone cup is convenient because I can lift it out, heat up everything else, then pop it back in.
  • Sugar free black cherry Jell-O. My parents love the sugar free pudding cups (my stepdad is diabetic), and they got me addicted. I have a dark chocolate and a chocolate and vanilla swirl package in my fridge right now. But I think the the gelatin is more suitable for lunch, I don’t know why.

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