susan atkins was from san jose. thanks for repping the bay area, sadie.

Susan “Sadie Mae Glutz” Atkins has died of brain cancer. Atkins, of course, was the Manson Family member who actually killed Sharon Tate in 1969. She later told a cellmate that she’d wanted to cut the fetus out of the 8 months pregnant Tate, but there wasn’t time. She also complained about how much her hands hurt afterwards, because her knife kept striking bone.

Earlier this month, Atkins’ husband — who married her after she went to prison — asked for “mercy”. He wanted her to be released so she wouldn’t have to die in prison. The courts showed her exactly as much mercy as she showed Sharon Tate: Tate begged for her life and told Atkins she wanted to have her baby, and Atkins infamously answered “Bitch, I have no mercy for you”.

Everyone always talks about that, but the thing that Atkins said that’s always chilled me the most was something she said when she was testifying during the indictment of Manson, Krenwinkle, and Van Houten. The prosecution showed her a photo of Steven Parent’s (the teenager who was shot in his car as he drove down the driveway) corpse and asked her to identify it. And she calmly answered “Yes, that is the thing I saw in the car”. The thing. Not the person or even the body. In Helter Skelter, Vincent Buglioisi claims there were audible gasps in the courtroom. He said he was glad when she recanted, because the idea of offering her a deal made him sick.

That always spoke volumes to me. And it’s why I never quite believed her claims of sorrow and regret. She might have disavowed Manson and his ideas, but referring to Parent’s dead body as a thing always struck me as purely sociopathic. And you can’t cure that; you can’t force someone to grow a soul.

Plus, she had the exact same Crazy Eyes as recently as 2001 that she had in 1969:






2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Julie
    Sep 26, 2009 @ 02:54:11

    good riddance.

  2. Michael
    Oct 20, 2009 @ 11:04:13

    RIP ..A true villain but you know what..if Roman Polanski had been home the night of 8/9/69 he would never have lived to rape that poor 13 year old girl…it should have been him instead of sharon at the house that night.

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