i haven’t felt this gleeful since the westboro baptist church lost that multi-million dollar lawsuit

tiny violinIs Operation Rescue about to go under? Let’s hope so. NPR and the Associated Press is reporting that the anti-choice group is down to four paid employees (at least one of whom hasn’t been paid in months) in the wake of sharply declining donations. OR is trying to blame the economic downturn; but along with “abortion causes breast cancer”, that seems to be just another of their self-serving lies.

The AP story provides information that cuts against this and suggests that the decline in contributions is less about the economy and more about the alleged killing of Dr. George Tiller, an abortion provider, by Scott Roeder.

Basically, they’ve managed to alienate both moderate anti-choicers (if such a mythical beast really exists), because Roeder clearly had some involvement with them — which they also lied about; hell, Randall Terry, who founded OR, praised Tiller’s murder — and militant (read: crazed woman-haters) anti-choicers, because they publicly disavowed Roeder’s actions. And the incident was also a huge unifier for all the pro-choice factions and a call to action for people who hadn’t previously gotten involved.

So, I guess their plan to symbolically piss on Tiller’s grave by purchasing his clinic will have to be shelved? They had planned to turn it into one of those crisis pregnancy centers. Oh noes, now where will pregnant teenage girls in the Wichita area go to be slut-shamed and lied to and pressured into providing spawn for a nice white Christian couple?!


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