outfit of the day: silver leaves

ootd silver leaves

This is the other dress I bought from Old Navy, on clearance for $20. Clearly, they are more generous with their plus sizes than Target is. This is too big, but I’m too lazy to return it. It’s not like my boobs are falling out or anything, I just have to be careful when I bend over. It’s annoying how so many makers of plus size clothing assume “ginormous rack” is some kind of default setting for fat women. As my B cups and I illustrate, this is untrue.

Pros: Drawstring waist, versatile color, soft fabric, loose enough for long-sleeved shirts underneath when it gets cold, longer skirt — as a change of pace; all of the dresses I’ve bought recently have the same just-above-the-knee hemline.

Cons: Kiiinda too big, no pockets, not entirely natural fabric — it’s 60% cotton and 40% some synthetic I never heard of.

The pin used to belong to my mother, I remember her wearing it when I was a kid. So did the ring: it was her first engagement ring. I believe my aunt (the one I like, not the hateful cow everyone loathes) also wore it for a while. IIRC, my mother gave it to her either before I was born or when I was still too young to appreciate jewelry, and told her it was only a loan, that she was going to want it back to give to her daughter one day. The pearls got scratched at one point, but I sort of like them that way. It reminds me that other women in my family wore this ring before me.

The shoes and socks I already owned. I was going to wear my silver shoes, but it seemed a little too monochromatic. There is grey embroidery and beads on these shoes, and I like this soft green with grey.

silver leaf pin

pearl ring


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