outfit of the day: lady murasaki*

ootd lady murasaki

This is one of my new dresses. It was on clearance for $25 at Old Navy. Score.

Pros: Awesome color, corduroy, 100% cotton.
Cons: No pockets or belt tie. Which means I will have to buy a belt (or a scarf that can double as one) so it won’t look quite so much like maternity wear.

The socks I bought a while ago at Sock Dreams. They either ordered or were sent these by accident; and rather go through the hassle of returning them, they decided to sell them off for $5. I went ahead and bought a pair, because purple and green is one of my favorite color combos and I figured even if I didn’t have an outfit to put them with now, I would eventually. $5 seemed like a good investment. The purples don’t match exactly, but it’s pretty damn close for clothes bought weeks apart from different retailers.

The butterfly pin is one I bought in Louisiana. It’s real hand-carved jade (albeit not terribly good jade) and seed pearls, and actually looks like an antique. There was a lady looking at it the first time I went; but I guess she didn’t wind up buying it, because it was still there on my second visit.

The shoes I already had and the jade juzu bracelet I’ve had for years.

*Murasaki is Japanese for purple. It was the name of the heroine in the world’s first novel, The Tale of Genji, and the court title of the book’s author. Purple and green was a very popular color combination in Heian Japan; particularly light green and dark purple, or vice versa.

jade butterfly pin

purple and green striped socks and brown shoes

2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Marcy
    Sep 17, 2009 @ 09:43:05

    D’oh your Twitter is woefully out-of-date. I’m bummed.

    Still, we need to discuss your socks and other accouterments! I’m a bit obsessed. (Also? Anal about vertical sock-stripes. Very anti-squiggle.)

    Anyway, Hi! Glad to have accidentally found you. (:

  2. pinstripebindi
    Sep 17, 2009 @ 10:04:06

    I haven’t used Twitter since it became overrun with celebrities and politicians. I use Plurk now.

    I used to stress over stripes not being perfectly straight, but I got over it somehow. A minor triumph for someone who strays towards the OCD end of the spectrum.

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