a couple of small recent finishes

blue beaded catI made this for my grandmother in Louisiana, as a birthday present. (I also gave her a jigsaw puzzle. 90-year-old women are hard to shop for.) I hadn’t made anything beaded in a while, it was fun. And this is a cool kit, because it came with everything, including the beads. The stiff material was real easy to work with, too.

I just need to matte it and add the little heart-shaped button decoration that came with it, and it’s done. It can’t be framed under glass, because of the beads (unless the matte is real thick), so I think I’ll just hotglue a little ribbon loop to the top, and she can hang it that way.

This is actually one design of a set of three, and I bought the other two before I left Louisiana. Those will be her Christmas present.

shadows teche cross stitchI bought this at the Shadows-on-the-Teche gift shop, I thought it was cute. It’s supposed to be a Christmas ornament when it’s finished, but I might make it a pincushion or scissors fob.

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