lord, save me from your followers


The internets are a twisty labyrinth that sometimes deadends in interesting or funny things you might not have otherwise come across. The newest entry at Bay of Fundie contained a link to older entry that contained a link to this Cracked.com list, 7 Things From Pop Culture Which Apparently Piss Jesus Off.

No offense to Cracked, who have mastered the (Number) Things That (Blank) meme; but I think they may have confused Jesus with some of his alleged followers, who are obviously going through life judging everything they see with some special version of the Bible made for insanely stupid people.

The whole list is crazy comedy gold, but the single stupidest entry is probably #4: Dr. Who. Based on an espisode where he had to save the Titanic from colliding with Kylie Minogue (or something, I haven’t watched it since Tom Baker rode the 50-foot-long-scarf and Jelly Baby trend), they seem to think that the Doctor is made out to be a little too Jesus-like. Because Jesus is a totally original figure that never borrowed attributes from older, pre-Christian mythological figures.

In totally unrelated news, look for my upcoming list: “7 Things From Christianity Which Apparently Piss Osiris Off”.


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