I have been trying to visit this plantation for the past several visits. It’s probably the closest of all the plantations I’ve been to;  it’s only just over in New Iberia, and I’ve been to River Road plantations that are halfway across the state. But something always came up. Usually it would be my one of my regularly scheduled bouts with Norovirus. (I’m still reeling that not only did I not get it this year, but I managed to avoid any illness. Probably if I go at Christmas I’ll get Swine Flu AND West Nile.)

This year I was nearly thwarted again, first by torrential tropical rainstorms, then by practically being rear-ended as we were literally pulling up to the place. Jeez universe, what the hell?

Anyway, I managed to finally visit it without any damage to life or limb. BTW, the constant reference to the final owner (the one who donated it to the state) as an eccentric childless bachelor who threw wild parties and loved celebrities led me to decide he was gay about 20 seconds into the docent’s spiel. He was also an artist who spent years in Paris, and there were some of his paintings in the house. Most of them were of strong young handsome black men. HMMM.

Also, Henry Miller autographed his door during a party, so that was interesting to see.

shadows on the teche

shadows staircase columns statue

summerhuse and flowers

Here is the whole set. None of these places ever let you take photos inside the house, so they’re all of the grounds and the outside.


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  1. wildstorm
    Sep 03, 2009 @ 19:26:19

    The grounds are lovely.

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