outfit of the day: silver dandelions

ootd silver dandelions

The hardest part of packing for Louisiana: narrowing down my accessories to just a few pins and pairs of socks, one scarf, and 3 pairs of shoes (and one sandals). However, my hair was no problem: I braided it most days, due to its tendency to frizz in the humidity.

Here’s a simple variation on the dandelions outfit. The pin is one my grandmother gave me, the shoes and socks I already had (both from Target). I’m not even sure the flower is a sunflower, but for this outfit let’s pretend it is. I like the way the shoes pick up the light gray band at the top of the socks.

dandelion socks and silver shoes

large silver flower pin

I found a couple of great dresses on sale at Old Navy. It’s annoying that they don’t carry the plus sizes in their store anymore, but I’m finding myself shopping for clothes more and more online these days anyway. It’s just easier when you don’t have a car. I’m definnitely getting this adorable corduroy dress in purple. And I actually came across this button front drawstring dress back when I was first looking for dresses and came thisclose to buying it in grey. But it wasn’t on clearance back then, and it’s a cotton-synthetic blend, and I didn’t want to spend the money on something that wasn’t comfortable. But it is mostly (60%) cotton; and anyway it’ll be getting cooler soon, and breathable fabric won’t be as important. And now it’s only $20, so I think I’ll get it in blue and grey, which is a lighter grey than the grey dress I already have.

I’m still not having any luck finding a brown dress!


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