stitching & vegetating

2 geishas wip 2

I had planned to run some last-minute errands this weekend; instead I decided to vegetate. It was hot and I just wasn’t motivated. I’m going to have very little time to myself for the next 2 weeks, so I just stayed in, worked on my cross stitch, and watched some of the second season of Pushing Daisies. I bought it a couple weeks ago, but hadn’t watched any of it yet. I’ll probably bring it on the plane with my portable DVD player. That San Jose-Houston stretch is pretty damn boring.

I’ll do what I have to do after work today and tomorrow. There isn’t actually that much: Just need a couple things from the drug store, gotta swing by the bank, and I’ll need to do laundry. I’ll pack Tuesday night; I’m an excellent last-minute packer. My flight’s at noon, so for once I won’t be stumbling around in the pre-dawn dark on 3 hours’ sleep. I’ve secured my ride to the airport, Fremont Taxi has set rates for airport runs and Fremont-San Jose is $45. That’s pretty reasonable, I think. I’d rather pay someone and know they’ll be there, then have to ask someone for a favor and pray they don’t flake out. Plus, I hate owing people. When you simply pay someone for a service, it’s much less murky.


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