outfit of the day: birds & bugs

ootd birds and bugs

The socks are from Sock Dreams, $7. Everything else I already had.

Speaking of socks, I found this website (via The Pretty Pear) that sells plus sized tights in 51 (!!!) colors, starting at $9 a pair. TPP reviewed them and says they’re very comfortable and soft (like a very very thin legging), and the sizes are true. None of this “We swear to god, these will fit up to a 6′ tall, 300 lb. woman!” “Then why do they stop halfway up my thigh?” bullshit.

She can’t vouch for the durability yet, but the fact that they aren’t stretched to the breaking point every time you put them on makes me think they’ll last. Also, since they aren’t stretched so thin, the colors are really rich and opaque.

I don’t wear tights in summer, but I’m bookmarking it for fall. Although I could wear them now, since it’s been such a cool summer. But I’m like the Japanese: I tend to change my wardrobe according to the calendar, regardless of what the weather’s like!

sparrows socks and grey tweed shoes

sparrows all over socks

birds and bugs dragonfly pin


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