cue nelson muntz


Remember Kent Hovind’s Dinosaur Adventure Land, the Florida creationist theme park? It had a spectacularly shitty playground, and exhibits of Adam and Eve riding a Brontosaurus. It’s probably going to be seized by the IRS, since Dr. Dino and his wife were sentenced to more than 500 years in 2006 for a zillion different counts of tax evasion.

Sarah and Todd “Fambly Valyooz” Palin are getting a divorce, and there are allegations of adultery on both sides. Probably: admittedly, Alaska Report ain’t exactly The Christian Science Monitor, but spokespeople for the Palins have evidently confirmed some of the details. And hey, even The National Enquirer was right about John Edwards!

Actually, this is not unequivocally good news, because now Sarah Palin will be able to add “single working mother” to her seemingly infinite roster of things which make her a bigger martyr than Jesus.

OMG, BIRTHERS HAVE UNCOVERED THE SEKRIT MOOZLIM NOBAMA BIRF SERTIFIKIT, RIGHT?! Sadly, no: Daily Kos debunks the obviously forged document. The thing is: This is obviously some kind of joke and not a serious forgery (the number 47O44: 47 is Obama’s age when he became president, followed by the letter O — not a zero — followed by 44; he is the 44th president). And yet the Birthers fell for it.

I can’t react to this with total glee because, let me remind you, PEOPLE THIS STUPID ARE STILL ALLOWED TO VOTE.


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