outfit of the day: brown & green

ootd brown and green

Halp, I’m missing the top half of my head!

This is the dress I bought on clearance for $15 from Target a couple weeks ago. I don’t know why I haven’t worn it until now.

Pros: Nice shade of green, just the right shape and length, loose enough to accomodate long-sleeved shirts underneath when it gets cold.

Cons: No pockets, not made of cotton. But here’s the thing: If the label didn’t say rayon/polyester, I would totally think this was cotton jersey. It feels like an old, comfortable t-shirt. It even breathes better than synthetics usually do — I can tell because my back didn’t get all sweaty on the walk to the bus stop.

So overall, I would say this was the best $15 I’ve spent all year.

The shoes I bought a couple weeks ago from Target, the socks I already had (also from Target), and the neckercheif I’ve had for years. I also meant to wear 2 Buddhist prayer bracelets, one green jade and one brown cat’s eye, but I totally forgot. Consarn it!


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