mental mashed potatoes

wip 2 geishas 1

This weekend I did 2 things guaranteed to comfort me when I’m sad: Cross stitching, and going to the bookstore.

I bought the 2nd Sookie Stackhouse book, which surprised me because I hadn’t really planned to read any after the first. But I guess I’m in the mood for something easily digestible. I also got The Golden Compass, because I’ve been meaning to read the series for years, and the universe keeps sending me signals that now is the time. They’re both supposed to be for reading on vacation, but I’m pretty sure I’ll be done with both of them before I leave. Luckily they’re both parts of series… I’ll just get the next 2 if that’s the case.

I haven’t stitched in a while. I got stuck on that last project of the geisha, where the entire second half was all sky and parasol. I got a serious case of “I hate its”, as my stepdad calls it, and I had to put it aside. So I decided to skip ahead to the next project, which is… a design of 2 geishas. I don’t even know. Someone in one of my Facebook groups sent it to me. Michael’s supply of emboidery floss was seriously depleted, and of course all the colors they were out of just happened to not be ones I already had at home, because that’s just always how that works out. So I’m making a few color substitutions, but so far it looks pretty close to the finished design. Although I just started and it doesn’t really look like anything yet.

I haven’t moved Junebug’s cage yet. I also haven’t told Bonnie she died, because if she gets upset, or even just overly sympathetic, I’ll probably lose it. But I need to do both of those things this week.


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