outfit of the day: smoky pastels

ootd smoky pastels

I hate what I think of as “Easter pastels”: sickly greens, blues, and pinks. But pastels that have a grey base are awesome. They are pastels for adults, not children.

The socks are from Sock Dreams, $8. I used to never wear vertically striped socks, because I’m so anal that it bugged me that I could never get or keep the lines perfectly straight. I’m trying to get over such behavior. The shoes were on clearance at Target for $12.48. The pin is the same blue crystal cherry blossom one I wore last week. And the neckerchief I’ve had for years.

I know it seems like I’m spending a lot on shoes lately, but a) I really needed them, b) they were almost all on clearance and less than $15 (and ALL of them were under $20), and c) I consider them an investment. I had, literally, just 2 pairs of shoes. One was brown and could only be worn with brown-based outfits. The other was made of ribbons of several different colors and, while they were cute, went with almost nothing I owned.

Like any other lifestyle change/hobby, there’s an initial investment before you start saving money. At least that’s my justification for buying nearly a dozen pairs of shoes in the past 6 weeks.

pastel checkered scarf

lilac socks and silver shoes


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  1. emilysblossoms
    Nov 18, 2010 @ 17:23:11

    love this dress on you! very flattering and stylish!

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