next up in hollywood’s quest to re-make everything, ever: “the prisoner”

Although technically, basic cable may not count as “Hollywood”.

I don’t know, you guys. I don’t think it’s going to be a hideous blasphemy of the original or anything, and I’m not angry about it. (Yes, I get angry over pointless remakes of cult British teevee shows from the ’60s. I am an emotional person.) Mostly it just seems… unnecessary? And I feel pretty… “meh” about it?

It’s typical that they have to muck it up (or “Americanize” it) with what looks like a recycled 24 plot and a love interest. They seem to have taken away everything that was cool about the original — Portmeirion‘s subtly bizarre architecture, #2 always being a different person, possibly evil little person butlers — but left in the single dumbest thing from it: Rover. To quote from The Simpsons’ episode “The Computer Wore Menace Shoes”, the second half of which is an elaborate homage to the show:

#2: Why did you think a giant bubble would stop him?
Technician: Shut up! That’s why!!

In all honesty, I will probably watch this. It’s got Ian McKellen in it, and he’s usually worthwhile. If they had to have #2 always be the same actor, he’s a good choice. Maybe it will surprise me. It might be something that has merit on its own, if you can mentally seperate it from the source material. Kind of like JFK.

Still: You, Jim Caviezel, are no Patrick McGoohan.

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